New Referees:

To become a new Referee, please following the below:

1) Click, or copy the link below to see the referee clinic schedule

2) Fill in and complete all pre-course requirements which can be found on the following:

3) Attend your scheduled course!

If you need any more information, please contact the DOC.

Attention all Assistant Referees:

All AR assignments for Hoffman United are performed by Mike Conklin from the IWSL on behalf of the club.

If you wish to work as an AR for Hoffman United league games, you need to send an email to Mike Conklin at and provide the following:

  •  An email address, (one that you will check once in a while..some use a parents email) This will be your login ID to the Arbiter system, so emails can not be shared between refs.
  • Home address with zip code, Arbiter used this to make sure you are within range of the games.
  • Cell phone or contact number to reach on short notice for sudden game changes.
  •  Up to what age level you have experience sidelining. If none this is OK, you will still see the U10/U11 games.
  • You will receive a welcome email from arbiter with directions to log in. You should then log in, and move around in the system to get used to the user interface. They have tutorials that you can click and watch as needed.

After you are in Arbiter, what will happen is, you will get a ranking.  Each game is given a ranking range. When your rank fits within that game’s ranking range, you will be able to see it on a list of available games to “Self Assign”. The self assign lets you pick games that best fit your schedule.  When the HUSC games are first posted, he will send out an email to all of you, and you will have about 3 days to pick first from the available assignments. There are 80+ other youth referees in Barrington, Palatine, Schaumburg, and Arlington Heights that after 3 days they will then also be able to see the remaining assignments.   You in turn, will ALSO be able to see the open AR assignments in Barrington, Schaumburg and Arlington Heights if you choose to travel.

Arbiter automatically sends out assignment reminders 2 days before your assignments, and you can always log in, and see your schedule of all games assigned. If you need to “turn back” an assignment you need to email him, or text (847-630-2665) and he can put it back on to the self assign list for others to pick up. Of course, the sooner you are able to turn back a game, the better, so there is time for others to see and self assign.  You will get emails periodically from him, when there are open games that need coverage.